The Fix Just May Be In

The take away form the New Hampshire primary leaves one questioning the legitimacy of the Democratic process. Both parties have engineered a process within the system to virtually hand the parties Presidential nomination to one predesignated candidate over another. It seems that from the onset of this years Democratic primary season the Democratic party supported by the media have gone to extreme lengths to engineer the positioning of one Presidential candidate over another. This well orchestrated posturing that has been concocted by certain power brokers within the Democratic party, the media, and influential financiers as far back as 2008 continues to mount a calculated gamble to place the Clinton campaign as the candidate of choice for the American public.

There are suspicious undertones that have arisen just from the last two primaries. It is a little known fact that there in both parties groups of individuals know as super delegates who by virtue of just being another elected official can influence the out come of who is going to be the Presidential candidate for each party. In the case of the Democratic Party every Democratic member of Congress, House and Senate, is a Super delegate. Today, there are 240. Every Democratic governor is a Super delegate which there are 20. Now here is the real kicker certain “distinguished party leaders,” 20 in all are given Super delegate status. Meanwhile 432 people who the Democratic Party designate are additional super delegates. They are mayors, chairs and vice-chairs of the state party, and other dignitaries who are given a vote by the Democratic party. They are free to choose whoever they want at the national convention, regardless of how the votes went in the primaries. What makes this so convincing that the fix may already be in is that in 2008 each super delegate had about as much clout as 10,000 voters. Guess what? This year it will be about the same where each super delegate will carry as much weight as the same 10,000 number of voters.

After the Democratic convention in Chicago in 1968 party leaders knew they needed to change the nomination process thus, came about the state-by-state primary/caucus system that we still have today. But, by the 1980s, the party elites knew to encourage more candidates that fit their mold in 1984 the Super delegate system was implemented. Democrats thought that by giving more power to party leaders, it would prevent “unelectable” candidates in their view from being elected. Candidates who they feel weren’t either electable or just not ones that would tow the party line. In either case today, the one candidate in the Democratic party, Senator Sanders even though he has become beloved by the populace, the powers that be have through their super delegate status have put the fix in for Clinton.

What we have today is that the cards are already stacked against any candidate who doesn’t fit the mold of the good old boy network of the established status-quo. It is well known that Senator Sanders who all his political life has gone against the grain. The established comradery in either party since 1984 has continued to influence the media, who then influences voters to vote for their chosen candidate. Compounding the corrosion by the democratic party today and the media is the fact that so much money is required to make a credible campaign especially a Presidential one.

A little know facet about Bernie Sanders is the fact through-out his entire campaign he is the only Presidential candidate in the last 40 years that is actually paying his interns who work for him. You would think that the money players in this years Presidential campaign like Trump or Clinton would also been paying those interns who work for them considering all the money they are receiving and or already have. But, think again. It is this kind of underreporting, even distortion of facts and the blatant refusal by the media to acknowledge the real deal of a candidate who has stuck to his guns all his political life.

Now, when you have a bias media and super delegates all ready lined up endorsing Clinton in this year’s Presidential campaign while a political tsunami is forming practically guarantees that the fix is in. But, what is happening all across the country is wave after wave of mass public support for a political outsider that will upset the apple cart of political expediency of the established status-quo. The status-quo which has been the norm for a very long time. There is of course the real prospect that this tsunami of public support will turn into votes necessary to overturn that stacked deck much to the chagrin of the established party heads and those super delegates. Delegates all ready in position to try to stop this groundswell of support for a political candidate who doesn’t fit their mold.

Someone just recently said that if we as a country are satisfied with the status-quo and with the party faithful vote for Clinton. If we want an arms race again vote for Trump. But, if we want real political and economic reform that benefits all the people Senator Sanders is that choice. Regardless of all the hype by the media, the in your pocket super delegates and the rich and powerful power brokers Democracy and real reform can be achieved by the voices of the public standing together and exercising their Constitutional right to vote. Our future depends on all of us.