Spotlight, Media

we live in an age of lightning fast communications where events covered by the major news outlets are instantly broadcast all over the world. But, as fast as the news is being made behind those anchor desks are power brokers who wield immense control on what is actually broadcast to the public. We must remember that for a long time now there have been those who seek to gain more power and control over a populace do so by deceptively orchestrating various contingencies to induce a desired effect through reactions based on their calculated posturing of certain elements that will produce those desired effects.

In today’s Presidential politics the desired effect has already been put in place. In doing so is corrupting our whole democratic process. To understand how corrupt our political system has become is to realize the powers behind the media are the same ones who control the long established power structures of both political parties. In other words our elections especially this years Presidential one is rigged right from the start. It couldn’t be any more explicit than what is already occurring within the Democratic party today.

Your vote matters not if the politics of exclusion continue to have their way. The way the news is presented today whether on TV, newspapers, or over the Internet much of which is hyped up to generate more viewers and readers has continued the trend that money rules. Lost in the mass accumulation of wealth are always the unsuspecting public who are beguiled into believing what they see on TV, read, or hear is the gospel truth. Public opinion is swayed toward a predetermined objective. Objectives that coronate a candidate into power there by entrenching the status-quo by the power elite. Never before has it been so blatant and so obvious to the trained eye.

Now, when you have an anti establishment candidate like Senator Sanders come along and generate the kind of ground swell of public support that he has, and what does the media and the Democratic establishment do? They have been and still will do everything possible to discredit, underreport, and distort elements of his message. Practically every major news outlet is preprogramed to do just that.

In the United States where we have two major political parties with their ideologies in sharp contrast to each other it is nearly impossible for any political candidate to close that division. And, today’s media continues to have a helping hand in keeping a nation divided. The trend of our two party system has also had a very negative effect on our country for years. The division between Democrats and Republicans has been growing wider for decades now. And, with that widening has had off chutes that have splintered into factions pitting one group against another. We have become a nation so divided it just maybe impossible to unify what has become a very fractured country.

For a nation that has openly welcomed so many different ethnic groups and religions it is striking that now much of the ideologies and rhetoric of one political party has become so intolerant and closed minded. Questions need to be asked as to why has this one party become so agitated and in direct confrontation toward others who don’t conform to their particular way of thinking? Could it be that our sociological shift during the last 50 years has eroded much of the basis of tolerance we had toward our neighbor. One has to wonder considering back in the 50’s and 60’s there were no bugler bars on home windows and doors. There were no home security systems in place. This was a time where next door neighbors didn’t or need to lock their doors. Fear and intimidation are all to common place today. There again the power players behind the media have orchestrated much of the sociological shift that we are seeing today.

Today, the future of millions of Americans continues to be clouded. The storm clouds of uncertainty are hovering overhead. It is amazing though for one who has seen through the years the status-quo of 50 years ago has been eroding to a much lower level today. It was 50 years ago that the United States had a unity of purpose and the status-quo was at a much higher level. It was then expectations of a better standard of living were mostly met while today those expectations are no where near as lofty.

Now, here comes a Political Presidential candidate who is trying to convey a unity of purpose not seen since those days of a half century ago. And again, what does the media and the establishment do? They are using every possible trick in the book to keep the status-quo from changing. One has to wonder, yet again, considering the status-quo of today what are they afraid of if the status-quo changes for the better for millions of Americans?