Political Factors to Consider When Doing International Business

Discussing the future safety of the Saudi Kingdom we should look at the political, social and geographical circumstances which constitute this one of the top oil producers in the world.

The Saudi Kingdom was established on the 23 September 1932 and since then it has been governed by the Saudi family who united most of the Arab tribes living in the Arabic Peninsula and defeating Ibn Rashid dynasty thanks to the British support. That is why the country is called the Saudi Arabia or the Saudi Kingdom. Today, the country is governed by the King Salman bin Abdulzziz being also the Custodian of the Two Holly Mosques since 23 January 2015. He is also the head of the Unitary Islamic Absolute Monarchy. He is going to be succeeded by the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef who is the Minister of Interior and the Second Deputy Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia. There is also the Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman who is also the Minister of Defence and the Second Deputy Prime Minister who can probably also claim the rights to the throne as the prince who has also became the most powerful prince in the

The Fix Just May Be In

The take away form the New Hampshire primary leaves one questioning the legitimacy of the Democratic process. Both parties have engineered a process within the system to virtually hand the parties Presidential nomination to one predesignated candidate over another. It seems that from the onset of this years Democratic primary season the Democratic party supported by the media have gone to extreme lengths to engineer the positioning of one Presidential candidate over another. This well orchestrated posturing that has been concocted by certain power brokers within the Democratic party, the media, and influential financiers as far back as 2008 continues to mount a calculated gamble to place the Clinton campaign as the candidate of choice for the American public.

There are suspicious undertones that have arisen just from the last two primaries. It is a little known fact that there in both parties groups of individuals know as super delegates who by virtue of just being another elected official can influence the out come of who is going to be the Presidential candidate for each party. In the case of the Democratic Party every Democratic member of Congress, House and Senate, is a Super delegate. Today, there

A New Game in Town

There is not a person in today’s world that does not know when a new “game” hits the market – it seems that the most popular can only be described as violent, full of gore, and a majority of those who purchase these games find them exhilarating and challenging.

To those interested parties, I would like to alert you to a brand new game that has been on the market but seems to have gotten hidden on the back shelves and behind the register – mostly because it has surpassed the definition of violent but mesmerizing – addictive and mind numbing. The scenario of this game goes like this – you are in a “war room” in a country’s government building. Maps fill all the blank spots on the walls, there are computers humming and voices murmuring. Bright flashes show up regularly on these maps and jubilation hits a new decimal in triumph. You are the operator of one of the computers and your job is to strike terror to a village, town, country – whatever you choose and your fingers tremble as you search for just the right location. So many before you have already destroyed

Does Your Company Reduce, Reuse and Recycle? It Should!

The saying has been around for decades, but there is more to it than sorting through your trash at home, rinsing bottles and cans and placing a container by the road.

When it comes to recycling plastic, many companies in the U.S. and abroad are ignoring the process and using the “simpler” method of sending plastic waste to the landfill. They may be aware of the environmental benefits to recycling, but not the financial benefits it can bring to their company. Otherwise, they’d be doing things differently.

A recent study showed that nine million tons of plastic waste will end up in our oceans in 2015 alone; Proof-positive that the majority of industries are uninformed about recycling benefits.

Scarily, this amount could increase by ten times as much in the coming years. Most can agree this isn’t ideal for our planet’s health, but many will fail to take the steps necessary to prevent it.

Recycling Companies Keep Working for Change

On a brighter note, the industry is booming for companies recycling plastic, there is steady increase in their clientele throughout the western U.S. and Canada.

By reducing waste companies can turn the

Organic Photosynthetic Solar Cells Over Silicon Solar Cells

As the great spectre of climate change continues to loom large over the future, the search for viable, renewable energy sources is becoming ever more important.

Solar power has long been seen as a vital ingredient in our clean energy future. With a little inspiration from nature, solar power might just have become an even more promising prospect than was first thought.
Photosynthesis is the solar energy storage process in which plants take sunlight, carbon dioxide and water and convert these into energy (in the form of sugar) and oxygen. The traditional view of photosynthesis is that long-wavelength light (far-red and infrared light, with wavelengths longer than 700 nanometres) contains low energy photons. We used to think that light at these long wavelengths wasn’t “energetic” enough to produce oxygen. In other words, we thought photosynthesis could only occur with the light we humans can see.

But the discovery of a new type of chlorophyll – called Chl f – changes the way we think about photosynthesis. This new green molecule has the greatest ability of any cholorophyll to absorb red-shifted light – that is, light with wavelengths longer than the human eye can detect. This discovery

The Advantages of Wind Power – What Are the Disadvantages?

With the fossil fuel industry in seeming crisis, many are wondering if Wind Power is the way forward to solve the fossil fuel crisis.

The problem with fossil fuels is that there is only a limited supply of these resources. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Also the effect of the over-consumption of these have led to many environmental issues such as air pollution, oil spills, and the destruction of natural habitats. Therefore many are advocating the promotion of using more eco-friendly sources of energy, one of which is harnessing the power of the wind.

It has to be said that the use of wind powered turbines is becoming a very controversial issue. Many environmentalists agree with the principle, but object to the way that wind powered turbines and generators make marks on the landscape. For example, in Scotland Donald Trump is objecting to a wind farm which will be in view of a golf course which he is developing.

However, from an environmental point of view, what are the advantages of using the wind as a power source?

Advantages of Wind Power?

The first advantage is that the source of the energy is