The Institution of Violence and Injustice of Abuse

We find it so easy to call others to action over what are really menial, inconsequential things. For instance, how many people take to Twitter to pour out their outcry over the cancellation of television programs on major cable networks? How many people will start an Internet petition to bring back a certain flavor or brand of soda? How many people out there frothed at the mouth and ‘literally could not even’ over the disbranding and discontinuation of Twinkies just a few years ago? Our passion as a people runs high, yes, but are we not focusing on entirely the wrong things?

Can we not find something that actually matters to be upset about, because, I assure you, there are almost no limits, sadly, to the awful things that actually matter, yet are widely ignored. Yes, we should be upset, but not about TV shows or cola.

How disconnected and divided as a world society do we need to be in order to focus on petty instances of our own differences and mundane, trivial matters like voting for a new flavor of potato chip? As disconnected and divided as it takes to ignore the facilitated violence

No Right To Bear Arms

In the wake of terrorist attacks in France and the threat of similar atrocities in the UK, a call appeared on Facebook for civilians to be allowed to buy guns with which to fight back against their possible assailants. This prompted a comment to the effect that if civilians were allowed to bear arms in the UK, they wouldn’t need terrorists, they would slaughter one another as they do in the USA. The author of this comment was called a fool and also informed that Jesus wept when he was born. Name-calling usually reveals an absence of rational argument, and it is hard to imagine any tears being shed over the denial of the right to own a gun.

Another correspondent on Facebook commented that his weapons had never slaughtered anyone and they remained where he had left them. This was welcome news, but if the weapons are never used, why have them in the first place. There are cases of even seemingly well secured weapons being stolen by criminals or fired accidentally by children. It is true that most sane individuals may own guns for a lifetime and never allow them to be used to harm

When History Repeats

When history recalls the first two decades of the 21st century, providing that there is history to recall, the descriptive narrative would probably sound like a broken record. The miscues, the what if’s, and the should haves are all in retrospect of a period in which hindsight was the only factor that prevailed. The events during the first part of the 21st century proved once again history so often repeats.

The cast of characters are always different but the scenarios are very reminiscent of previous episodes that have played out all through-out the history of mankind. With the tempest of religious fanatics within the Muslim world waging a holy war against Western cultures today is synonymous with events that have already been played out all through history. But, as always when religions whose ideologies, and cultures, are as different as night and day intermix there are always certain fanatic factions within each religion that continue to engineer the conflicts that have been going on for centuries.

At the beginning of the first century marked the first stage when religions ignited a tempest of violent reprisals. It was the Romans who persecuted the new religion of Christianity.

Spotlight, Media

we live in an age of lightning fast communications where events covered by the major news outlets are instantly broadcast all over the world. But, as fast as the news is being made behind those anchor desks are power brokers who wield immense control on what is actually broadcast to the public. We must remember that for a long time now there have been those who seek to gain more power and control over a populace do so by deceptively orchestrating various contingencies to induce a desired effect through reactions based on their calculated posturing of certain elements that will produce those desired effects.

In today’s Presidential politics the desired effect has already been put in place. In doing so is corrupting our whole democratic process. To understand how corrupt our political system has become is to realize the powers behind the media are the same ones who control the long established power structures of both political parties. In other words our elections especially this years Presidential one is rigged right from the start. It couldn’t be any more explicit than what is already occurring within the Democratic party today.

Your vote matters not if the

Why Candidates Must Include an Infrastructure Asset Management Program in Their Government Platform

The aging infrastructure of the US is a major prevailing issue for several years now. The American Society of Civil Engineers had issued in their 2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure the overall rating of D+ for the country’s infrastructure systems.

The country’s populace cannot continue living using structurally unsound bridges, decaying water systems, clogging storm sewers and disintegrating roads and highways. Government authorities must do something. Whether a particular candidate is keen on accepting or rejecting refugees, the fact remains that the people in the US deserve excellent working public utilities and facilities.

Every candidate speaks of development and progress of America but they should be able to emphasize their commitment and political will to pursue infrastructure renewal. It is important that their commitment to improve the nation’s infrastructure is based on an asset management plan.

Politicians are prone to following their personal influencers or lobbyists or bowing to pressure of returning a political favor. However, this is avoided when they commit strongly to carry out a comprehensive plan.

The maintenance of a lot of infrastructure system in the US is neglected for decades. Authorities must consider a systematic way of doing repair,

Global E-Waste On The Rise, Despite Recycling Factories

Until the StEP (Solving the E-waste Problem, Reference No.1) initiative of the United Nations University (UNU) & the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) got busy in real earnestness, with the e-waste problem and developed a successful prototype recycling factory, piles of e-waste (electronic waste) that were steadily growing the world over, posed a grim, sinister portent to all concerned – environmentalists, governments, the healthcare industry, electronics manufacturers, academics and so on (for a detailed discussion on e-waste, read relevant parts of Reference No. 2 or other sources on the web). The cause for their fears was solid. e-waste, that is comprised primarily by trashed computers, mobile phones and their accessories, are rich in toxic substances/ chemicals – mercury, cadmium, arsenic & hexavalent chromium to name just a few. Not being amenable to the waste disposal processes known before SteP’s solution (pl see Reference No. 2 titled “Recycling – From E-Waste To Resources”, for details), they defied every possible method of being disposed off safely. And, consequently, e-waste kept piling up, unstoppably, all over the world.

The potency of e-waste to cause incapacitating/ severe health hazards in humans as well as irreversible damage to world environment had been

Open Space, Conservation, and Preservation

The mountaintop view was thrilling. While witnessing the valley from the mountain I saw a different perspective; one of open space, conservation, and preservation. I thought about how large our city spreads over so many miles and how blessed we are with abundant open space.

To see expanses of greenery in our suburban setting vs. a more urban concrete landscape made me feel proud that our community knows that this is a healthier environment.

In our city and our county, our planners and voters preserved open space for the enjoyment of its community members to wander, dream, inspire, and to release our worldly concerns. It’s working.

Pockets of open space are broad and sometimes small but just the right size for people to have enough elbow room to share some greenery, sunlight, shade, wildflowers, boulders, wildlife, grasslands, and woodlands. In our region, we do not have to travel a great distance to find this green relief.

We preserved most of the ridge tops without housing or office buildings growing on them. Instead, they are ridges with forests, woodlands, grassy meadows, and hiking trails for humans, dogs, horses, and bicyclists to exercise, relax, decompress, and

The Extraordinary Power of Women

From ancient times, the rise and fall of landscapes and panoramas have enchanted man but none captivated him as much as the rise and fall of woman’s flowing curves. Restlessly, man gazes deep into celestial realms and peers into the deepest oceans. Yet, to truly lose himself, all he need do is to gaze into the depths of a woman’s eyes.

Over two millennium man has created and perfected thousands of musical instruments. He has yet to create a single one to equal the charm of a woman’s sweet melody. If we were to remove the inspiration of woman who stimulate art; poetry, literature, sculpture, music, then our galleries, libraries, and theaters would be eerily empty.

Man is overawed by the greatness of nature, yet never so spellbound as when witness to the process of reincarnation at the birthing bed. A glance through the history books is all that is necessary to suggest that true power, not just behind the throne but on the throne, is woman power.

England remembers its hapless and cruel kings but fondly remembers the perhaps mythical Britannia. Boadicea (1st Century AD) was the only British leader to humble the Roman

Farewell and Thank You, A Farewell Letter

It’s always hard to say goodbye. Allow me tell you about how valuable my experience at MT has been. I am going to skip my list of accomplishments as a MTracer – it’s a great list and you all helped create it. Instead, I want to share a more personal perspective.

Before I pronounce goodbye to you, I wish to reminisce that what a pleasure it has been working for MT these past few months. It has been a prolific association of wonderful pride. But let me tell you, sometimes it is a bit daunting to know exactly how to begin when telling someone about a significant change that has come about in my life; but as I learn that from Mother Nature each year whenever winter sets in and summer goes for its seasonal vacation, I have come to know that change will inevitably happen, no matter how you describe it, understand it or even perceive it.

It is with a heart that goes humming now, but knowing minds will know that as I tell you that after 1.3 years of extraordinary English evaluation experience/association, I therefore bid ‘adious’ to one and all.


Before Anyone Apologises, Here Are Ten Things You Might Not Know About Slavery

During his visit to Jamaica, David Cameron was asked to give an apology on behalf of the British for their part in the slave trade. If you have a view on that naturally emotive subject, you might find some or all of these facts helpful in deepening your understanding. I found they made a difference to mine. None of these or any other facts in any way justify or mitigate the evil of slavery, past or present.

1. Slavery was not introduced to Africa by Europeans. It existed there before the first explorers and traders went there.

2. The first Europeans to participate in the slave trade were the Portuguese in the Fifteenth Century.

3. The British sent white British prisoners to work as slaves on the plantations in the Caribbean. They were the losers after the Battle of Worcester in the Civil War, The Batle of Sedgemoor in Monmouth’s Rebellion against James II and Jacobites in the 1715 Rebellion.

4. Slavery was held to be illegal in Britain because it violated the principles of Magna Carta etc. but was somehow considered acceptable in British Overseas Possessions.

5. White British and other