Deal With the Electronic Waste Like a Boss

What is electronic waste and why should you care about it?

Electronic waste is the result mostly of the fast-developing technology which makes the previous one (usually 3-5 years old) completely unusable. Therefore we buy what’s considered as “the new thing on the market” and the old piece of technology gets carelessly thrown away. Usually at a landfill.

Who cares you would ask? The nature does, especially the soil, in which toxic emissions from the e-waste soak and pollute everything else as a chain reaction, mostly the water that we drink. Now, after I probably managed to convince you how serious the issue with the e-waste is, let’s see how we can do something about it.

Don’t buy whatever you see.

Electronic gadgets are getting more tempting every day due to its constantly increasing usability. However, the fact is you don’t really need anything more than a PC and a smart phone nowadays. Having this gives you the opportunity to do whatever may be required from you. Buying more means you’re going to dispose of more electronics which will pollute the environment really hard when multiplied by a few billion.

Donate or give away your old electronics

Buying a new mouse or keyboard just because you get sick of the old one, or because you’re a devoted gamer who is perfectionist in terms of having top quality electronics doesn’t mean the old appliances should be disposed. If they are still working the best thing is to donate them to an institution or to individuals who can’t afford it. They’ll really appreciate it and it’s highly possible to receive a huge satisfaction from helping someone in need.

Do this if you are a Chinese

The Chinese government along with the biggest player in the IT field there – Baidu (the most popular Chinese search engine) established a partnership so they can deal easily with e-waste. 1.3 billion appliances are being disposed there per year and if that is not controlled effectively the country will have to take serious damage from it. What they did was to develop an application called Baidu recycle 2.0 (current version). Using it will allow you to take a photo of the e-waste at your home and upload it instantly. Afterwards you receive a message from a waste removal company that comes at your house and pays you to get rid of your waste.

Educate yourself

No matter what kind of waste is on your way you have to be prepare for it. Read about this subject and try to be as informed as possible because this affects your life significantly. Learn more about electronic waste management and always be convinced that you are familiar with the additional information about it. Spread the knowledge you gained from this article to your friends and family and make them think about this because in the future this is one of the biggest challenges the Earth is going to face.

If you are not a Chinese make sure to leave the electronic rubbish collection to the professionals from the rubbish removal services. Companies like this one will undoubtedly make you forget about the e-waste at your home. Wherever you may leave there are similar services that have experience and won’t disappoint you.