A New Game in Town

There is not a person in today’s world that does not know when a new “game” hits the market – it seems that the most popular can only be described as violent, full of gore, and a majority of those who purchase these games find them exhilarating and challenging.

To those interested parties, I would like to alert you to a brand new game that has been on the market but seems to have gotten hidden on the back shelves and behind the register – mostly because it has surpassed the definition of violent but mesmerizing – addictive and mind numbing. The scenario of this game goes like this – you are in a “war room” in a country’s government building. Maps fill all the blank spots on the walls, there are computers humming and voices murmuring. Bright flashes show up regularly on these maps and jubilation hits a new decimal in triumph. You are the operator of one of the computers and your job is to strike terror to a village, town, country – whatever you choose and your fingers tremble as you search for just the right location. So many before you have already destroyed and created chaos that it is a bit challenging to find your “target.” You are successful and you begin the “attack.” To your credit there are bodies, buildings, homes, marketplaces, schools and hospitals that lie in rubble, bricks and wood tangled and smoldering. You have scored Level One so now you can advance and this time your target will be also in the sights of a few of your friends – because this Level is for several players at the same time. Bingo – all of you score and there isn’t a living thing flying, crawling, or swimming anywhere for quite a distance. Now on to Level Three – but this time your town or city becomes the target for your “friends.” You see places you went to as a young person and your family home or business, your school, your gym, etc. are on this map ready for the game to begin.

Your friends are truly enjoying themselves and so are you until at the end of the game and the smoke clears, your town is a heap of “nothing” and your friends are high-fiving it expecting you to join them in their celebration. The disturbing part is that there are bodies lying around that you recognize, and the “fun” doesn’t seem right. You get up and call it quits and “lets turn it off and start all over again” – but the bodies don’t get up and the buildings don’t rise. You look out the window and realize that there is nothing out there – your car is in bits and your “pad” and its contents are strewn across three streets. Something inside of you begins to twist and turn and for whatever it’s worth, your lunch doesn’t seem to want to stay down.

Quite a blueprint for a new game – and now you would like to know the name of this game so you can purchase it or you can hope that you can get all the copies and bury them in the city dump. Well, welcome to the game of War in Today’s World.

It was fun when it was across the sea or clear across the universe, but it is repugnant when it is in your back yard. Isn’t that what is happening in today’s war mentality – we have been truly blessed not to know the horrors of war in the U.S. but we don’t feel an iota of sadness for other lands that we pick on a map and cause devastation. Bodies killed don’t get up for the next game, and war is permanent. The destruction may be rebuilt in time but the reality lives in you for as long as you live.

Maybe when military groups stop playing “video” games with the lives and places others call home – the video store of mayhem and those individuals beating the war drums will be placed in a dark closet hoping that the generations to come don’t find them and pull them out and “play”. Life doesn’t make for a game, but when you don’t see the disaster – it just doesn’t seem real – but it is to millions. War does not deserve a place in the lives of civilized people – that a war can cure an economy that is failing – and if it does – then the claws of Satan are written all over the instructions. Hasn’t man reached a higher “level” of behavior or is that just wishful thinking on the part of those who consider “war” anything but civilized.