5 Tips for Better Waste Management Choices

If you have a load of waste that needs to be disposed of then you’ve come to the right place. Cleaning up can take days and be costly and convoluted if you don’t know what to expect from the removal process. Here, we take a look at the things that you will need to know before you get your waste disposed of efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our top five waste management tips before getting around the experts are:

1. Examine the contents of your waste carefully

You will need to examine what’s in your waste collection carefully. Take note of any larger items, liquids and chemicals. Each of these must be disposed of in a different manner so you’ll need to outline this with your waste removal service before they come to pick up your contents.

2. Estimate your waste load

Waste is mainly measured by weight. This means heavier items will cost more to dispose of than lighter items. Where possible, estimate the weight of your load, or list the heavy items. The same may also be true with the amount of cubic metres of waste that you have – estimate again your cubic meterage. The larger your load, the more it may be to dispose of.

3. Check your access routes to your waste

If your waste is in a tough to get to spot then you will need to express this with your provider. If workers are required to manually transport the waste to a more accessible spot then you need to let the company know in advance. If waste is located in a difficult to access spot consider moving it with a wheelbarrow first, or outlining to the company the means that will be needed to move it.

4. Bundle or bag up as much of your waste as you can

To make the job easier for the removalists, bundle up your waste into lots. Put like and like materials together and make each lot easy to remove. We recommend using tough bags and string for smaller materials. Larger materials do not need to be bundled together – they can be picked up as is.

5. Outline your availabilities for pickup

If you run a tight schedule then you may not have time to sit around waiting for your waste disposal person to show up. Make sure that you indicate what times you will be available so that no one is left waiting around. Some companies only run during specific hours so you’ll need to find this out in advance.

Make sure you’re prepared before the waste removalists come. Following these five tips will help for a smooth transaction when the handover occurs – saving both you and the company a lot of headaches.