The Extraordinary Power of Women

From ancient times, the rise and fall of landscapes and panoramas have enchanted man but none captivated him as much as the rise and fall of woman’s flowing curves. Restlessly, man gazes deep into celestial realms and peers into the deepest oceans. Yet, to truly lose himself, all he need do is to gaze into the depths of a woman’s eyes.

Over two millennium man has created and perfected thousands of musical instruments. He has yet to create a single one to equal the charm of a woman’s sweet melody. If we were to remove the inspiration of woman who stimulate art; poetry, literature, sculpture, music, then our galleries, libraries, and theaters would be eerily empty.

Man is overawed by the greatness of nature, yet never so spellbound as when witness to the process of reincarnation at the birthing bed. A glance through the history books is all that is necessary to suggest that true power, not just behind the throne but on the throne, is woman power.

England remembers its hapless and cruel kings but fondly remembers the perhaps mythical Britannia. Boadicea (1st Century AD) was the only British leader to humble the Roman Empire. Her French counterpart, Joan of Arc (1412 – 1431), before meeting her fiery fate, humbled the English.

England’s monarchy stretches back over a millennium yet the two monarchs that immediately spring to mind are Queen Elizabeth 1 (1533 – 1603) and Queen Victoria (1819 – 1901). Arguably, the first was the genesis of the British Empire; the reign of Elizabeth 1 certainly elevated England to world power status for the first time. During the reign of Queen Victoria, the empire, which, before her reign was no more significant than that of competing continental powers such as France and Spain, became the world’s greatest empire? She was crowned Empress of India, the only such title bestowed upon an English head of state.

Taking one country in isolation hardly makes a point. Russia’s Peter the Great is revered but Catherine the Great (1729 – 1796) more so. Her domestic ambitions Westernized and modernized Russia. During her reign Russia became the world’s largest country and was to span three continents. Spain, Europe’s most machismo nation, was unified by its one notable monarch, Queen Isabella l (1451 – 1504). During her reign, Spain achieved world power status to rival that of England. The Spanish monarch sponsored Christopher Columbus, who, whilst not necessary discovering America, certainly founded it. The enormous 800 year power of the Austro-Hungarian Hapsburg Empire, Europe’s longest lasting dynasty, was consolidated by Maria Theresa of Austria (1717 – 1780).

Mankind’s odyssey has been lantern lit by women, not all of them were monarchs. The roll call of world-shaping women is impressive; Cleopatra, Helen of Troy. In all fields of activity, whilst women don’t dominate in numbers, they do take the podium of bringing about great change, mostly for the good.

Farewell and Thank You, A Farewell Letter

It’s always hard to say goodbye. Allow me tell you about how valuable my experience at MT has been. I am going to skip my list of accomplishments as a MTracer – it’s a great list and you all helped create it. Instead, I want to share a more personal perspective.

Before I pronounce goodbye to you, I wish to reminisce that what a pleasure it has been working for MT these past few months. It has been a prolific association of wonderful pride. But let me tell you, sometimes it is a bit daunting to know exactly how to begin when telling someone about a significant change that has come about in my life; but as I learn that from Mother Nature each year whenever winter sets in and summer goes for its seasonal vacation, I have come to know that change will inevitably happen, no matter how you describe it, understand it or even perceive it.

It is with a heart that goes humming now, but knowing minds will know that as I tell you that after 1.3 years of extraordinary English evaluation experience/association, I therefore bid ‘adious’ to one and all.

But of course, this was not a sudden decisional escapade into something I got ticked off on; I resolved to do this after gathering all information, carefully weighing my professional options, and exercising a considerable soul-searching competency! My first good impressions of MT will always be my last impression. That is to say: I seek for the pleasure of work and its inherent satisfaction; and I sure have had got the opportunity to experience the comfort of the same right here. Yet, the fantasy of moving on to some place else and then locating a quiet corner in order to continue my discovery of the vast ocean of a new world beyond just somewhere out there, closing away the distance between us with each passing day and night, could have ultimately made my mind up without an iota of any assailable doubt. I could not have possibly identified its importance had I not spent some quality time at MT and having cherished its fruitful association for long; I thought my heart can go on now for delving into other avenues.

Of all other things in the itinerary of my first impressions, I think, my first proverbial taste for an intrinsic success story harks back to the days of induction I went through at the Bangalore office last year during the summer of 2007. Yes, a meritorious induction program I was introduced to and followed by a great stay at its swanky guesthouse were really so unforgettable an experience. Later, during the days when I was pitching along the lines of the numerous English evaluation frameworks after reaching back to Hyderabad, such as PCT, ECT, et al, I knew I was riding a big “summer-job/part-time” wave.

I wish MT edges past other companies who are in the competitive fray of Skills Assessment. Personally speaking, the very reason that MT’s brand value is already so sky-high, and that it has by far outweighed, or rather in the process of outweighing, other comparable competitors as well, is in itself an achievement that it goes without saying that the promising arena is already occupied by a bright Gladiatorial powerhouse like MT! This is no mean feat for an emerging company which had started its business to gain acceptance among other ‘similar business varieties’ that are into the conceptual enterprise of “Skills Assessment” only just a few years ago, precisely from the year 2001. A strong mentioning now of such a unique value it generated for itself in the market arena that it makes it deserving of a token of immense appreciation from all quarters, is hardly a surprise for proud MTracers across locations in our country. In fact, though it is already India’s Largest Skills Assessment Company and had tasted stupendous success in the recent era by quickly winning two consecutive awards like Red Herring and… awards, we quietly have conveyed that we have come a long way and will go great lengths to succeed success itself, and how. Besides these pieces of contemplation, I fervently hope (well, I am speaking in my personal capacity as an ex-employee of MT now) that it would scorch the road ahead. It already is an attested star on the firmament of English Evaluation (E.E.) skies, so a great standing of its own is just around the corner.

Next Step:

So what happens tomorrow and the next day? The first and foremost thought in my mind is how to substitute my MT experience into a new environment in the midst of a new company set-up! For all I know I think I must just have to fill in the air into my lungs and help conceive the ideas of newness composition into my inner being. (Oh yeah? Righto!

“As I sit and watch the sunset and the daylight slowly fades.

I’ll be thinking about tomorrows… about the friendships we have made.

I will value them for always and I’ll hope you’ll do the same.

And we’ll see you on the trail and on the loose.” (Anonymous)

“On the loose to climb a mountain… on the loose to where I’m free.

On the loose to live my life the way I think my life should be… “

We spent a lot of time together. I’ve enjoyed so much: my early morning drives to MT office, watching the sun come up over the Hyderabad skyline of the cantonment valley here, and the journey home again with the tangerine sunlight spilling across the same place with a sweet hint of cool breeze racing past me and my motorbike. Along the roads, in the winds, I have been always cherishing each new day and each new feeling with an amusing aplomb!